The LSLSLS is a solo Dance project within Language Sausage. Artistic Experiments, that the Slovenian born and Brussels based maker Matej Kejžar has try to investigate THE body in the era of 'digital world'. The body today its anyway challenging experience of digitalization, THE body does not feel, understands and sense the digital space anyway!!!! Consisted from living and non-living organisms, the name LSLSLSstands for the Dance Hood as an alternative community that undermines or replaces established forms of power, hierarchy, or patriarchy and puts THE body back as the first potential of our community. What exactly is LSLSLS LSLSLS is an artistic experiment with THE MOVEMENT and VOICE within THE body. LSLSLS equally explore THE BODY as physical and psychical instrument for performance. LSLSLS As long as the first relations within THE body (movements and voice) are the condition for the experiment, the experiment still challenging for inhabiting different spaces (different architecture, outside, inside, web space. LSLSLS the relation with IN the body is in the process and later in the performance moving from conceptual further to exploring new mental spaces; as DIGITAL space! LSLSLS is an artistic investigation set under the assumptions that digitalization is abstract and difficult to grasp for THE body and the other. LSLSLS is a punk, shaman, weird, ritualistic, crazy, sexual, abstract cycle of over and over translated words of twisted poetry of delight, the monstrous Dance. Although LSLSLS is a solo Dance, it stands for sharing and producing alternative forms of communities.