Matej Kejžar (SI/BE) graduated from Amsterdam’s SNDO programme and Brussels at X-Group P.A.R.T.S. and was an exchange student at the Trisha Brown Dance Company in New York. After finishing his studies, he created a number of critically-acclaimed choreographies in Slovenia. In 2007, Kejžar moved to Brussels where he worked with Rosas (The Song, Cesena). Since 2010 he started developing his unique choreographic language, creating various pieces around the globe, including Senser 2010 and True Romance (2015). In 2013, Kejžar began working on the Verbalisation Trilogy, a series of researches into relationships between choreography and verbalisation, resulting in three performances: Hit (2013), White (2014), and Rave (2015). He completed his Verbalisation Trilogy with a commissioned premiere of Rave at the Avignon Theatre Festival in July 2015.

In 2016, Kejžar began working on Utopian Trilogy, a series of researches between choreography and communities, resulting in three performances: Club 1 2 (2016), House (2017), and Dance (2018). Kejžar collaborated with Boris Charmatz on the 20 Dancers for the XX Century. In 2019, Kejžar began working on the Language sausage Trilogy, a series of researches into relationship between body and digitalization.

He has been the initiator and artistic director of Spider festival for radical bodies. Spider’s first edition was held in Athens, Greece (2009) and followed by editions in four European cities (Lyon, Zagreb, Berlin, Brussels) until settling as an annual festival held in Ljubljana since 2015.

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