In This is not a Hit, Matej Kejžar turns to dissecting the possibility of creating an atmosphere of silence out of the existing noise. Kejžar and Marjan Stanić, a killer percussionist whose solo drumming tour de force fills the performance for over an hour, collectively dissect the established rhythmic paterns, hit all the wrong notes in the right manner, and enact the possibility of a new verbal formation.

This is not a Hit, the first part of Kejžar's Verbalisation Trilogy, aims at establishing a body stripped of all connotations and a sound stripped of all representation in order to silence the surroundings. In other words, it constructs silence as a basis for a potential future movement and a potential future word.

This is not a Hit triggered the commission of Rave, the final performance of the Verbalisation Trilogy, by the 2015 Festival d’Avignon.
Created by Matej Kejžar
Performed by Matej Kejžar (dance) & Marjan Stanić (drums & percussion)
Producer: Žiga Predan
Produced by Pekinpah