Three groundbreaking dancers from various backgrounds come together to celebrate “Dance” beyond established notions of choreography: to meet, interact and blend, unlearn what they have learned and finally drift apart, while trying to bend spacetime and invent new ways of seeing. “Dance” is not a finished product but an experiment in setting up a common force-field between the audience and performers—a territory where a constant perceptive change of dynamics is possible and which enables the exploration of new forms of engagement an communication. The internationally renowned Slovene choreographer and performer based in Brussels, Matej Kejžar, needs no introduction. His performances have appeared in almost all relevant venues across Europe. Pontus Fager is a dancer born in Sweden and schooled in Amsterdam in contemporary dance, ballet, hip-hop, jazz and theater. He has collaborated with several dancers and choreographers, among them: Keren Levi, Roser Espinosa Lopez, Julio Ceasar Inglesias Ungo, Uri Ivgi in Johan Greben. Mikko Hyvönen is a Finnish performance and dance artist. His latest works include “crystal pieces: human beings” with the dance group Off/Balance and the solo work “Organic synthetic.”
Author of the concept: Matej Kejžar
Performers: Pontus Fager (SE/BE), Mikko Hyvönen (FI/BE), Matej Kejžar
Set and light designer: Petra Veber
Producer: Žiga Predan
Production: Pekinpah
Co-production: P.A.R.T.S. Summer Studios
Supported by Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana – Department for culture