I declare my self as a Dance maker. My work is highly individual, but it is also always there for The Expression, not for my sake. I am passionately involved in dance, not in my dance, but in Dance. By expression I mean dance as an expression, dance as a modality of moving towards somebody, or bringing something forth. I have my specific perspective in this production or in this particular dance, but it's still there for the expression – I am working for Dance. While working on dance I don't have to refer to the history of the choreography, I don't have to refer to the history of the interpretation, so making the Dance is not so much about interpretation of established capacities, but it is very much about inventing ways of seeing. I learn about the Dance while dancing, I learn about the Dance by seeing it over and over again. Dance carries the opportunity to pass agency from the subject to dance itself. To dance in this respect implies the possibility to learn from dance, instead of learning how to dance or how to be one’s self. I make my Dance as I would be learning something about the world.